Eric Stiles contributes his expertise in environmental design, systems ecology, sustainable habitats, and sustainable living to Venice Studio.  A California licensed landscape architect, he has six years of experience as a project manager and design associate, and particular knowledge of irrigation design and native plant cultures.

Currently he is experimenting with vermicomposting systems to reduce landfill deposits and recycle organic residues into nutrient rich organic fertilizer for plants.  Eric holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a minor in Sustainable Environments, as well as Associates of Arts and Associates of Science degrees in Landscape Architecture from Ventura College.

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Franka Diehnelt provides a wide range of services to Venice Studio.  With her experience as a public artist and an architect, she collaborates throughout the development of the work.  She assists with site analysis, documentation and clarification of the artistic vision.  By imaginatively conducting materials and project research as well as developing detailing, she helps to bring the creative vision of each project to a practical and beautiful resolution.

Franka has been working with Venice Studio since 2004, while maintaining her own architecture and art studio.  She was born in the former East Germany and, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, settled in Vienna to study architecture.  She won Vienna's Museum of Applied Art's Schindler Grant for her study of glaciers in Norway and ocean tides in Copenhagen.  The grant brought her to America and, via a circuitous route from New York, to Santa Monica in 2000.