In the broadest sense, we see the role of the landscape architect as helping people feel at home on the earth, celebrating a sense of belonging within the natural order.  Our definition of sustainability stems from this deep conviction, finding its way into diverse aspects of our work.

We are experts at interpreting owners’ desires that may have been developed over a long period of time, carried from other parts of the country or the world, and realizing them with a sense of this new place, this site in particular, this architecture, and this time in their lives.  Outdoor spaces must provide gracefully for movement and use, including the sequence of entry from the street.  The relationship of interior and exterior spaces must be developed, including areas of transition.  Distant views must be considered, and their potential exploited for describing this spot on the earth.  In this way the built forms will be fitted to the site, creating a sense of being at home, even when only catching a glimpse outside from interior spaces.

A topography study tells us how the site fits into the overall structure of the landscape, and gives us hints on ways to exploit grade change in arrangement of the gardens.  Sun patterns, prevailing winds, movement of water, existing elements that may lend a sense of time, hidden gems of space that can be brought into the new work; all are regarded for their potential to inform the emerging design.

We develop a conceptual basis for the garden, with a strong spatial configuration, and a clear and imaginative expression in materials.  A succession of thoughtful detail investigations deepens the concept, collaborative partners are brought into the mix, work sessions with clients are held, and the garden design unfolds.

With our insistence on thorough preparation and documentation, we create the ability to take advantage of opportunities that arise during construction, while keeping in mind possible ripple effects.  Our understanding of the overall structure of design allows us to incorporate departures from the plan that enrich the result, and avoid those that would detract or become chaotic.

Landscape architecture is necessarily a field of synthesis.  Successful completion of fine work requires dedicated craftspeople, and we delight in our collaboration with contractors and artisans. We articulate the design vision, resolve the details, and use our management and creative-problem solving skills, and extensive hands-on involvement during construction to bring the gardens to life.

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