Doug Lay, Managing Principal of Venice Studio, joined forces with Polly early in 2004 to expand the reach of the firm.  During his tenure Venice Studio has  been able to quadruple its client base and broaden the scale of projects the firm has undertaken.


Doug honed his management and client skills during his 11 years as a producer and director in the film and television industry. 

He spent the years just prior to moving to Venice Studio primarily working with creative directors, graphic designers and animators producing on-air graphics and branding packages for major television network and cable companies both in the United States and Europe.  As a result he brings a strong visual sense to Venice Studio that complements the firm’s design aesthetic.

Polly Furr is the founder and Design Principal of Venice Studio.

Describing her gardens as “giant jewelry for the earth” she works with a deep sense of craft, in the conception of the garden and its realization.  In addition to more than 20 years of experience in landscape architecture, Polly’s practice is informed by a long history of hand-made work in a variety of mediums, such as paper, clay, fiber, and found objects.

Clients appreciate Polly’s ability to work on many levels, from developing and shepherding an artistic and environmentally sound vision, teamwork with clients and consultants, knowledgeable and original detailing and design resolution, and effective on-site collaboration with contractors and artisans.  In fact, the firm’s structure has been intentionally designed to allow Polly’s involvement in every aspect of a project, underscored by an abiding attention to client desires and a commitment to successfully completed fine work.

Her experience includes a wide range of residential projects, along with commercial, educational, and health care facilities, child care centers, and parks.

Prior to establishing her solo practice in 1998, Polly worked with Rios Associates (now RCH Studios) and The SWA Group in Los Angeles, and with Meacham O’Brien in San Francisco.  She holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, and California Landscape Architecture license #3840.

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